SEND Inspection Revisit – Information for Parent Carers

Following the Local Area SEND Inspection in 2018, Cheshire East SEND Partnership were required to put together a Written Statement of Action, setting out how they will address the key issued that were identified.

The next stage is that the inspectors will be coming back, to carry out a Revisit.  The SEND Partnership will get a call on a Monday to let them know, and the Inspectors’ next call should be to the Parent Carer Forum.

Cheshire East SEND Partnership are expecting to get the call anytime, and once we hear we will let you know, and will keep you updated throughout.

In the meantime, the SEND Partnership have put together a briefing for Parent Carers to explain what will happen and how the inspectors will gather their views and experiences.  Click here for the SEND Revisit Information for Parents as a PDF

About the Local area special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) re-visit
SEND re-visit due soon!

Cheshire East is expecting a SEND re-visit anytime between now and April 2020. This is a short guide so you know what this involves and what to expect.

What is a SEND re-visit?

The purpose of the SEND re-visit is for Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to assess if Cheshire East has made enough progress in addressing the two areas of significant weakness that they identified in the joint local area inspection of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in 2018.  The two areas were:

  • Area 1 – the timeliness, process and quality of education, health and care (EHC) plans
  • Area 2 – the lack of an effective autism spectrum disorder (ASD) pathway and unreasonable waiting times

The inspectors will review how effectively organisations in Cheshire East work together to support children and young people with SEND. In reviewing how well we work together, the inspectors will want to see evidence that we have made sufficient progress in these areas and be assured that we will continue to make further improvements going forward.

What will a SEND re-visit cover?

Cheshire East was required to submit a Written Statement of Action to Ofsted to explain what we would do to address the two areas that were identified in the 2018 SEND inspection. Since this time, members of the 0-25 SEND Partnership and Parent Carer Forum have been working hard to deliver what we said we would do in our Written Statement of Action.

The SEND re-visit will only focus on the progress made in these two areas. It will not review any other elements of support for children and young people with SEND. This means that if you take part in the inspection, inspectors will only ask you about these two areas.

The inspectors will be looking to see what impact our improvements have made to children and young people’s experiences and how our improvements have made a difference to children and young people and their families.

What happens during a re-visit?

The inspectors will contact Cheshire East Council and the Clinical Commissioning Groups on a Monday to announce the SEND re-visit. On this day the inspectors will also inform the Chairperson of the Parent Carer Forum of the re-visit. We will let you know that the inspectors are starting the SEND re-visit through the Parent Carer Forum.

The local area of Cheshire East will then have two weeks (ten working days) before the inspectors arrive on-site. During these two weeks, the local area sends the inspectors information about local services and the progress that has been made against the two areas. They will also work with the inspectors to arrange the timetable for when the inspectors arrive in week 3.

During the second week, the inspectors will invite parents and carers to give their views through an online survey. The survey will be available over five days and will ask for your views on what progress has been made so far in the two areas since the inspection in March 2018, and what difference this has made to you and your family.

The inspectors will arrive on the Monday of week three. On day one of the on-site visit the inspectors will meet with a variety of people. This will include the Parent Carer Forum. On this day the inspectors will also hold an open meeting with parents and carers to discuss what progress has been made in the two areas identified in our Written Statement of Action. Like the survey, this meeting will focus on what changes have been made in these two areas since the previous inspection in 2018, and what difference this has made to you and your family. The inspectors will want to know what is different since the inspection in March 2018, what is better, and how services listen to you and involve you.

On the final day of the re-visit, inspectors will meet with senior leaders of services in Cheshire East and inform them of their findings and whether sufficient progress has been made. At this point the findings cannot be shared as they may still change.

Findings of the re-visit

Following the re-visit, Ofsted and CQC will produce a letter that will inform Cheshire East of their decision as to whether the local area has made sufficient progress against each of the areas in our Written Statement of Action. This letter will be published on the Ofsted website and on the CQC website.

Want to know more?

For more information on the SEND re-visit, please refer to the inspection handbook (part 3).

Further information is also available on the role of the Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum.

For information on how we have been developing our services, please see our newsletter Key Contacts


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