Members’ questions & comments: response from Cheshire East

In March the Parent Carer Forum held an open Forum for Cheshire East Council SEND team to share the work that has been done to improve the process, timeliness and quality of Education Health and Care Plans.

While a lot of the work that has been done so far has concentrated on improving new needs assessment requests, many of the parents who came had questions and comments about the experience of children and young people who were already in the process of a needs assessment or had an Education Health Care Plan in place.  Due to the volume of these questions and comments we agreed that it would be best to collect them all and pass them to the SEND Partnership to reply fully.

We have now received a reply from Jacky Forster, the Chair of the SEND Partnership.

You can click here to read Jacky Forster’s reply

As Jacky says in her letter, she is happy to come along to future events, and she will be attending our Annual General Meeting on 11 June 2019.

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