Jacky Forster (Director of Education and 14-19 Skills) has written an open letter to families within Cheshire East to share some updates and good news in terms of current changes in the SEND service.


She is pleased to inform families that the Council has agreed to additional financial investments for the third consecutive year and as a result:

• They are further expanding capacity in the SEND service to enable the service to continue the
improvement journey, and
• They are increasing capacity in the Educational Psychology Service and as soon as these
changes are confirmed a further update will be provided.

Please click here if you would like to download and read the letter from Jacky Forster in full as a pdf file format.



The SEND team has also provided the forum with an updated SEND team structure chart to share with families. The structure chart is correct as of 19th April 2021.

Please click here to download a copy of the updated SEND structure.

Update: we have had a  further update on the “SEND Mediation and Tribunal Officer” and “Customer Service and Complaints Officer” roles. These were previously held by Matt Prenton and Charlotte Greenbank respectively, and we know many of our members have had support from them.

  • SEND Mediation and Tribunal Officer The new SEND Mediation & Tribunal Officer will be Mike Plummer. He is very experienced in SEND and Tribunals, and is now getting up to speed with Cheshire East SEND Partnership, local officials and the current tribunal cases.
  • Customer Service and Complaints Officer unfortunately, Charlotte Greenbank will be leaving for another role on 30 April. Charlotte has led on SEND complaints now for over a year and has been a point of contact parents. It has been agreed that the partnership should appoint a ‘Customer Services Manager’ on a temporary basis while they find a candidate for the e full role. This person has been appointed and will be joining the team after they have worked their notice etc.
    In the immediate term, the role will be covered by Matt Prenton who is returning (on a termporary basis) from 4 May to lead on Complaints and support Mike with Tribunals as he is already familliar with many of the cases.


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