British Sign Language, Makaton & Signalong courses at Seashell Trust

Courses open to Cheshire East parents at the Seashell Trust: British sign language, Makaton & Signalong.

Each course is practical, interactive and led by our friendly specialist staff team. You’ll come away with knowledge and skills you can put into practice straight away

  • British Sign Language
    BSL is the preferred language of tens of thousands of deaf people across the UK. Their course is taught in two hour bite size sessions each week, where you learn and practice with others. By the end of each course you will be confident using sign language to converse on a range of everyday subjects.
  •  Makaton and Signalong
    If you’re supporting a person with communication difficulties as a result learning disabilities, attending our Makaton or Signalong courses could have a big impact. Both use signs and symbols to help people communicate, with Signalong offering a greater number of words. They’re designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech in spoken word order. Using Makaton or Signalong removes the frustration of being unable to communicate effectively with others, connecting individuals with the people and world around them and unlocking a whole host of possibilities.…/makaton-foundation-course

Further information
For more information about these courses, or to book your place, email or call 0161 610 0187. Not sure which course would suit you best? Then please contact them for a chat on 0161 610 0187

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