ASC Service Specification – final draft for feedback

For review by Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum steering group in advance of the steering group meeting on 14/05/2019

WSB ASC Integrated Service Specification Final Draft 03.04.19

This document is the final draft of the service specification that has been drawn up by Workstream B, in response to the Ofsted / CQC inspection & resultant Written Statement of Action.

Since it was written they have received the following feedback / comments that have yet to be included in the document:

Comments received and incorporated from:

  • Dr Lesley Bayliss, Clinical Lead (Women & Children at ECCCG)
  • Dr Nichola Bishop, Clinical Lead (Women & Children at SCVRCCG)
  • Andy Mills, Senior Commissioning Manager, Adult Social Care and Health/ Interim PSTP Preventing Poor Mental Health Prog Lead 
  • Cheryl Knupfer, Stockport Autism Team/Cheshire East Council
  • Jo Vitta, Commissioning Manager SCVRCCG
  • Jamaila Tausif, Associate Director SCVRCCG
  • Jacky Forster, Director Cheshire East Council
  • Nicola West, Principal Educational Psychologist and Teaching Teams Manager, Cheshire East Council
  • Dave Leadbetter, Head of Children’s Commissioning, Cheshire East Council
  • Penny Hughes, DCO Eastern and South Cheshire CCGs
  • Gill Tyler, DCO Vale Royal CCG
  • Ian Donegani, Head of SEND, Cheshire East Council

Other general comments that have not yet been included:

  • Let’s give it a snappy title East Cheshire Integrates Autism Service (ECIAS)
  • Include something about Safeguarding procedures in Standards
  • I think we need to discuss this age range to reconcile NICE guidance and LA requirements
  • The spec should be 0-25 years
  • What about social care – not sure we have considered a SW in the pathway
  • We need co-training with parents
  • Important to mention training workforces and Cheshire East as a community as suggested in the strategy
  • Reference to care planning (not only social care) but about anyone in a position to provide care (support) to family/person.
  • Really good, especially when looked at with the pre and post pathways and looks like a functioning ‘system’
  • A consistent approach is needed throughout key transitions from early years to primary, secondary and post 16 with flexibility around setting
  • Positive behaviour therapy should not be ABA
  • Include more on the co-production work with PCF and including the future work planned directly with young people
  • Should we specify that all parents receive Cygnet training post diagnosis?
  • Is there a TOMS type model that can be applied to autism?
  • Can we apply risk matrix type approach adopted by SALT

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