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UPDATES: SEND Local Area Inspection – Cheshire East Revisit

SEND Local Area Inspection Revisit for Cheshire East SEND (0-25) Partnership – updates


*We will use this page to share any updates about the SEND inspectors’ revisit as we receive any new informtion.   If you have any questions about the process please email us or post them in the CEPCF members’ group on Facebook and we’ll do our best to answer *


30/06/2021 SEND Revisit Outcome


The outcome letter from the joint Ofsted/CQC Revisit has been published. Cheshire East Council are pleased to report that they have made sufficient progress in addressing the two areas of weakness identified in the initial inspection on 2018.

Click here to read and download the letter from Ofsted/CQC as a pdf

and the initial inspection in 2018 can be found by and outcome letter. Please email us


21/05/2021 Parent / carer’s survey now closed

The Parent Carers’ survey is now finished – Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum would like to say a big thank you to everyone who filled it in, and to everyone who shared it 🙂

19/05/2021 Parent / carer’s survey up and running


*Click here to fill in the SEND Inspector’s survey for parents and carers*
The Parent Carers’ survey is up and running – closing at midday on Friday (21st May)
If you completed the survey yesterday and weren’t asked questions abouut the content of the EHC Plan or about the details of autism assessment / support, you can complete it again.

18/05/2021 Parent / carer’s survey broken?


We are hearing reports from parents and carers that are having problems with the survey, which doesn’t seem to be working properly. We have flagged this and for now, advise you to wait before trying to complete it. We will post updates on here and on social media.

17/05/2021 Parent / carer’s survey! 


*Click here to fill in the SEND Inspector’s survey for parents and carers*
From midday today the Ofsted and CQC Inspector’s survey for parents and carers will be open! It stays open until midday on Friday 21 – this is your opportunity to speak directly to the inspectors about your views and experiences.
We urge all parents and carers with children or young people (age 0-25) with additional needs to complete the survey, and once you’ve completed it, please share with any others who may be interested

17/05/2021 Update: Timetable for the Inspectors’ revisit (week commencing 24 May)


As we know, this week (week commencing 17 May) is all about the parents and carers’ survey so the Inspectors can gather information before the revisit

Last week the SEND Partnership submitted reports to the Inspectors, evidencing and summarising the progress that has been made against the Written Statement of Action; and discussions with our parent representatives to highlight the headline points.

On Friday last week (14 May) the Inspectors randomly selected 30 EHC plans for children and young people in Cheshire East as a sample for carrying out a “deep dive” look at some real life cases.   The SEND Partnership has also been offered the opportunity to identify some cases that they feel are good examples.  The families selected will be contacted by the end of this week (by Fri 21) to ask them if they would like to take part.

Cheshire East SEND Partnership has now had more information from the Inspectors about what will happen next week (week commencing 24 May), when the actual “revisit” takes place.

Monday 24 May  – morning, review the sample EHC plans, and in the afternoon meet with Parent Representatives from the PCF (to discuss the headline points our members have shared with us) meet with senior leaders from across the SEND Partnership and Team managers from across the SEND Partnership

Tuesday 25 May – all day: from the 30 randomly selected EHCP cases, meet with the parent / carers in two focus groups – 6 parent carers in each, one looking at the timeliness, process and quality of EHC plans, the other looking at the Autism Pathway.

Wednesday 26 May – all day: from the 30 randomly selected EHCP cases, they will have selected 6 cases for a “deep dive”. The inspectors will meet with the child or young person, then with the professionals working with them.

Thursday 27 May – morning: free to follow up any areas they need to look at more closely, and in the afternoon they will meet with Senior leadership to give feedback on the revisit.

Within 28 days of that the Inspectors will write a letter to the SEND Partnership which will be published on their website.



12/05/2021 Letter to Parents from the Inspectors


Ofsted has shared a letter to be issued by the council which you should receive via your child’s nursery, school or college.  Click here to open the letter to parents / carers from Inspectors as a PDF

The letter includes the link for the parents / carers survey *NOT OPEN YET*  (open between midday Monday 17 May and midday Friday 21 May).

We will post this link again when the survey opens, and lots of reminders to fill it in.
At the moment the timetable for the actual visit (week commencing 24 May) has not yet been agreed. We understand that it will be shaped by the information that the SEND Partnership is sharing with them, and by parents and carers’ responses to this survey.  We will keep you updated, so that when we hear something you will too.

11/05/2021 How can parents and carers share their views and experiences with the Inspectors?


All parents and carers who have children or young people (age 0-25) with SEND will be invited to complete an online survey which will be open from midday on Monday 17 May and close at midday on Friday 24 May.

This survey will ask questions that focus on the areas identified by the initial inspection in 2018, but there will also be opportunities to share information on any aspect of SEND services across education, health and social care in Cheshire East.

The Inspectors will be meeting with some children, young people and parents and carers during the visit (week commencing 24 May) but we have not yet had confirmation from the inspectors about how this will be managed.

Parent Carer Representatives from the PCF will be meeting with the Inspectors to highlight key themes, and to share our members’ experiences generally, but we won’t be able to pick up any individual cases.

We will keep updating this page, so as soon we know more, you will too, but for now we absolutely want to encourage all parent / carers to make sure they take the opportunity to complete the survey so that your views and experiences can be heard by the inspectors.

11/05/2021 Local Area SEND Inspection Revisit Date confirmed


Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out an inspection of the SEND services in Cheshire East in March 2018. It looked at services across education, health and social care.

This inspection identified two areas of concern:

  • the timeliness, process and quality of Education Health Care Plans
  • the lack of an effective ASD pathway and unreasonable waiting times

This meant that the Cheshire East SEND (0-25) Partnership had to say what they would do to address these areas of concern in a Written Statement of Action, which was signed off in September 2018.

To read more about the original SEND Inspection and the Written Statement of Action please click here

On Monday 10 May 2021, Cheshire East SEND Partnership was informed that the SEND inspectors will be returning from 24th May to 27th May 2021 for a Revisit to see what progress has been made following the local area inspection in 2018.

Click here to read the government’s guide to revisits.

Please click here to head to Cheshire East SEND Partnership’s briefing about the revisit

Due to the inspection taking place during a time of disruption due to the pandemic, it may be carried out in a different way. Cheshire East have provided a number of short guides to explain what the SEND re-visit involves and what to expect:

We will keep you updated throughout the process, let you know how you can get involved, via email, or our Facebook group/page. (