Termly reviews of SEN Support & EHC Plans – paperwork & quick quiz

When a child or young person has Special Educational Needs, their educational setting should work with the child’s parents or the young person themselves to agree the targets and support they’re working towards. These targets can be long term (for example, end of key stage or beyond) or short term (within the school term / year).

Schools and other educational setting should use the SEN Support Plan paperwork to support termly reviews of this implementation plan to ensure the support is working and to make the annual review better. 

SEN support – both long and short-term outcomes are included in the SEN Support Plan (click here for early yearsclick here for school age click here for post 16 paperwork templates)

EHCP plan – long term (end of key stage & beyond) outcomes are set out in the EHC plan, while shorter term targets and supporting provision are included in an Implementation Plan – the same paperwork should be used as for SEN support (click here for early yearsclick here for school age click here for post 16)

Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum has been assured that all settings should  be carrying out these reviews every term – it could be a quick meeting with the TA or class teacher after school, a coffee morning with the SENCO or something more formal as required, but we have also heard from members that these termly reviews are not happening at all for some people

We would love to know what’s going on!  Which children & young people having their support reviewed every term, who who isn’t?   Please tell us more so we can do something to make it better – you can be as specific or as anonymous as you need 🙂

With your permission, we will pass results to the Local Authority Quality Assurance Team so that we can try to work out if there is a problem and if so, where that problem lies.  You can complete this survey entirely anonymously (which is useful for giving a general picture) or more specifically – Please give us as much information as you are happy to – click here to complete the quick quiz

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