Statement from Cheshire East on CEIAS changes

We know there have been some questions asked recently about whether there are going to be any changes to the service provided by CEIAS (formerly parent partnership). We approached Gemma Hambrook at Cheshire East to ask the question directly, and received this response:

The Cheshire East Information, Advice and Support (CEIAS) service is part of the wider 14 – 19 Education Team within Cheshire East.  As we are constantly looking to improve the outcomes for families and young people within the context of  financial challenge, we have undergone a recent restructure of management across all teams.

 The responsibility of the service will now sit within the remit of the Safeguarding and Advocacy Manager, from September 2017. This role is a new post and it will not be connected to either SEND or social care teams. The services the team currently  deliver to families will not change – and face to face, telephone and email support will continue. The team will continue to provide high-quality, independent advice and guidance to families across the borough.

 In order to make the service more outcome focused and efficient, we will work on a locality model (four areas of Cheshire East) that will maximise the use of the staff time available and we will ensure that administrative support is available to the staff from the wider service to ensure the majority of staff time can be spent working directly with families and young people.

 As we move into the new academic year, we look forward to working with the Parent Carer Forum to help shape the next developments of the service as we begin to review how we utilise technology to support our families and young people.

We know how important CEIAS is to parent carers in Cheshire East, so we will be watching with interest to see how the changes work out. If you have any thoughts or experiences you want to share, please get in contact.

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