Ofsted & CQC SEND Inspection: Webinar for parents

All parents and carers of children or young people (age 0 – 25) who have any SEN (whether they have an EHCP or not) are invited to take part in a webinar with the Inspectors on Thursday 8 March, from 1.30 – 2.30 pm. 

Click this link to register to take part in this webinar


Several parents have contacted as they do not know what a webinar is or how it works, so we’d like to share some more information. 

What do I need to take part in the webinar?
You will need a computer, mobile or tablet so that you can get online and see the webinar

You will need to be able to hear the webinar. You can do this from your device, or alternatively, there is a phone number you can ring so you can hear it as a phone call.

You need to be available to take part for about half an hour from 1:30 pm on Thursday 8 March. As it is online, you can do it from wherever you are, just so long as you have internet access.

How do I get set up?
Click this link to register for the Cheshire East SEND Inspection Parents Webinar.
You will be asked for your email address, so they can send you the full instructions, including an email address so you can contact them to ask any questions you may have beforehand.

These instructions contain a link you can click that will check your laptop or device will work before the webinar starts. 

The instructions also include another link for you to click on on Thursday to take part.

What will happen during the webinar?

During the webinar, the inspectors can’t see us, but we’ll see the questions they ask (on your computer, smart phone or tablet) and hear these being asked.

We don’t need to speak, we just click our answer and type in our comments or questions.

All information gathered will be anonymised.

It is likely to last around half an hour only, so try to join in promptly

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