Cheshire East SEN Team – timescales & communications

A high number of parent members have told us that they have had problems getting in contact with the SEN team, and with the timescales of annual reviews.

We raised these issues with Tracey Beardmore-Evans, who is the SEND Service Manager for Cheshire East, and she asked us to share this statement:

“We regret to inform you that we are currently in a position where we have a backlog of annual review returns, for which we would like to apologise sincerely. This has occurred due to staff sickness. We are currently in the process of identifying a team of skilled and experienced plan writers to enable us to respond as quickly as possible

 “We are also dealing with a very high level of incoming work at this current point in time, and the issues around sickness are impacting our ability to offer the quick response and level of service that we aspire to provide. We have had an experienced member of the team move on to other opportunities recently and another two members of staff are due to move on in the next few months. We are taking immediate steps to try and limit the impact that this has but we would appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we appoint new team members”.

She also asked us to tell parents that if they were having any problems getting in touch with an individual members of staff, then they can call 01625 378042 or forward their emails to

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