Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum Code of Conduct

Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum – Code of Conduct

“The Forum” refers to Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum

All parent carers must observe this Code of Conduct whilst on any Forum business. Failure to do so will result in the member being asked to resign from the Forum.

1. To remember you are representing the Forum for all parent-carers of children and young people with a disability and additional needs up to the age of 25.

2. You are not representing and should not refer to or seek to promote your own child or young person, your personal aims or own organisation

3. To be friendly and courteous to all present, not to make rude or sarcastic comments, and not to shout to make your point

4. To treat others with dignity and respect and allow all the opportunity to comment and finish speaking, and not talk over other people

5. To be honest, open and not judgmental. You can still be seen as a ‘critical friend’

6. To speak through the Chair and follow and respect the Chair’s guidance

7. To follow the agenda and observe any time limits. This can be achieved by keeping to the point and being interested and listening to others to reach effective decisions and actions.

8. As representing the Forum you will be accountable for your actions.

9. Do not talk about people you do not know and do not say anythning detrimental about someone if they are not present to defend themselves.

10. To appreciate that others attending will have roles and responsibilities and certain duties they wll have to adhere to and perform.

11. Everyone should be treated equally, with no abusive or discriminatory language or swearing.

12. If you have a grievance or are aware of things happening that would damage the Forum, you must go through proper procedures

At meetings:

13. Before agreeing to any action when representing the Forum at meetings, you must state that the action must be agreed by the organisation first before you can proceed. Any action agreed, must be actioned.

14. Representatives for the Forum should be properly prepared for the meeting by reading all relevant papters and bringing them to the meeting. They should be punctual and if possible stay for the whole meeting. For expenses, please see the Financial Control Policy.

15. All Forum representatives should ensure that it meets the aims and objectives of the Organisation as it appears in the Terms of Reference ( and Constitution)

16. At any meeting, confidentiality of individuals and partner organisations shall be respected.

17. No political statement or political bias or judgment shall be demonstrated at meetings.

18. Any Conflict of Interest at meetings shall be declared immediately.   See below.

19. The right remains to ask if uncertain or worried about anything including jargon and acronyms

Conflict of Interest

1. Members should disclose any interest in the decision making, whether it be personal or on behalf of another group, they consider will affect their participating in the matter under discussion.

2. Members must not expect to receive more or less favourable treatment because they are a member of the Forum, or represent the Forum.

3. Members must use the normal procedures for reporting incidents or making complaints.

Breach of Code of Conduct

1. If a member demonstrates that they have broken the Forum Code of Conduct they will be warned by the Chair. If it happens again they will be asked to leave the meeting immediately and/or resign, as appropriate.

2. If the member continues to ignore the Forum Code of Conduct the Chair will ask the Steering Group to rescind membership of the Forum.

3. If you bring the Forum into disrepute you may be asked to resign

4. If you miss 3 consecutive meetings without giving reason, you will no longer be a member of the Steering Group.

Please note:

Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum fully appreciates the commitment of parent-carer representatives attending meetings and will expect that other organisations’ representatives will also give our Forum representatives the same respect and consideration as laid down in this Code of Conduct.



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