CEIAS workshop – update from our Chair


On Friday the 10th November 2017, the PCF held a joint coffee morning CEIAS – Cheshire East Information Advice Support.

This event was to give parents a chance to work with CEIAS to help think, how they could use their resources most effectively to support and empower parents. As there have been changes in staffing at CEIAS we looked at issues such as whether all the things CEIAS do currently make a difference or not, are there better ways of doing things or things CEIAS don’t do now but should consider, and how parents can help and influence CEIAS’ development as a service.

The event was very helpful and parents said they found the openness about staffing changes and being asked for opinions on how the service should work really positive. Lots of actions and suggestions have been taken away and we will be feeding back progress to parent carers.

If you have any questions or have any information about the service please email CheshireEeastPCF@gmail.com

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