Annual Review proposal – what’s your view?

As you may be aware, Cheshire East SEND team are struggling to make all amendments to EHC Plans suggested as a result of the annual review process.

They are therefore proposing to take a new approach to allow them to concentrate on making the most important changes within a timely manner.

When would the EHC plan be updated after an annual review?

  • When there has been a significant change to the child or young person’s need (this could include additional diagnoses’, change to presentation etc.)
  • At a key stage or phase change
  • When the child or young person starts an additional therapy (such as OT/physio), there are changes to an ongoing therapeutic programme or a discharge
  • Change to type of setting

What will happen at other times?

  • The setting should still carry out the annual review with the parent / young person and submit amendments to the SEND team
  • The SEND team will ensure that the EHC Plan review documentation and the letter explaining that we will make the changes on the next occasion is appended to the EHC Plan and becomes part of the advice listed in section K so that all that receive the EHC Plan are aware to look at the suggested amendments.
  • The SEND team will send a letter to the parents / young person stating that they have decided not to amend the plan
  • This letter will give parents / young people the Right of Appeal should they wish to challenge the decision

What if the parent / young person feels the EHC plan needs to be fully amended 

The SEND manager has said “Although this is what we would see as how we usually operate, if a parent carer had a specific reason why they wanted a change made we would be happy to discuss this further. “

This approach may only be a short-term measure until the new SEND staff are in place.

What do you think? 
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